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Space Force Referral EPR Rebuttal Guide

Have you received a Space Force Referral EPR? Military Justice Guides is here to help. Purchase our Space Force Referral EPR Rebuttal Template to write and submit a persuasive response.

What You Need to Know

Referral EPRs are defined in Instruction 36-2406, paragraph 1.10. and Figure 1.1. An EPR that contains any of the following rating or remarks by an evaluator must be referred to you for comment: (1)  An evaluator marks “Does Not Meet Standards” in Section III of the EPR; (2)  An evaluator marks an overall “1” (Poor) or “2” (Needs Improvement) in Section V of the EPR; or (3)  Comments, regardless of the ratings if applicable, or the attachments to that evaluation, that are derogatory in nature, imply or refer to behavior incompatible with, or not meeting minimum acceptable standards of personal or professional conduct, character, judgment or integrity, and/or refer to disciplinary actions.

A report does not, however, have to be referred to you just because it mentions less than acceptable performance, dress, bearing, judgment, leadership, supervision or similar subjective areas. Such a report may be referred to you if the rater desires.

What You Can Do

When you receive a Referral EPR, you are entitled to three duty days to submit a written response or rebuttal. Your written response must be limited to ten (10) single-sided pages. Your written response becomes a part of the official record, so it is important that you submit a professional, respectful, and persuasive response.

Why Buy Our Products

We get this question all the time — why should you buy our product when you can get a template from your friend, supervisor, or chain of command for free? The answer is simple:

#1. Our products were designed by former military officers, each with a Master’s degree.  They’re not just recycled templates from your friends or supervisors (which probably didn’t work in the first place).

#2. Our products are built with your case in mind.  We give you specific examples of “best practices” that help you win your case.

#3. Our products are properly formatted, so you don’t have to worry about making sure it looks professional.  It already does!

Bottom line — our products are specifically designed by experienced military officers to help you get the best result!


Space Force Referral EPR Response Template

Our Space Force Referral EPR Response Template is written by experienced military officers. When you purchase this template, you will be able to download and get started!


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