Air Force Demotion Rebuttal Guide

Have you received an Air Force Administrative Demotion? Military Justice Guides is here to help. Purchase our Air Force Demotion Response Template to write and submit a persuasive response.

What You Need to Know

According to Air Force Instruction (AFI) 36-2502, an Airman may be demoted to a lower enlisted grade for a variety of non-punitive reasons, including student status termination, reduced skill levels, failing to fulfill Airman, noncommissioned officer, or senior noncommissioned officer responsibilities, or failing to maintain or demonstrate the ability and willingness to attain physical standards.

A group commander, or equivalent level commander, may demote MSgts and below. Equivalent level commander is defined as a senior officer in the grade of Colonel. The MAJCOM/FOA/DRU commander may demote those in the grades of SMSgt and CMSgt. This demotion authority may be delegated no lower than the MAJCOM vice commander, Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower, Personnel, and Services, Numbered Air Force, or equivalent level commanders.

What You Can Do

When you receive an Administrative Demotion, you are entitled to three duty days to submit a written response. Your written response becomes a part of the official record, so it is important that you submit a professional, respectful, and persuasive response.

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Air Force Demotion Response Template

Our Air Force Demotion Response Template is written by experienced military officers. When you purchase this template, you will be able to download and get started!


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