Written Responses to Disciplinary Actions

Facing disciplinary action? Our response templates provide the best rebuttal to a Reprimand, NJP, Article 15, or Discharge, and much more!
Whether you are a Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Airman, or Guardian, we are here to help. Our templates will help you create a written rebuttal that is properly formatted and ready to submit to your command.

Created by former military officers with years of experience, our military justice templates will help you respond to disciplinary action while impressing your command with professionalism and respect.

Just choose your branch of service above, then learn about the disciplinary action you are facing, and you’ll find the resources necessary to respond appropriately.

Our proven rebuttals have helped military members worldwide!

Our Team

Military Justice Guides was developed by former military officers with years of leadership experience. Each member of our team has received at least a Masters Degree and is specifically trained to assist you with completing a persuasive response. As a team, we are dedicated to helping you successfully navigate the military justice process.

Response Templates

Military Justice Guides

At Military Justice Guides, we help you write responses to common disciplinary actions by providing response and rebuttal templates. From reprimands, to nonjudicial punishment (Article 15), to discharge, we are here to help.

Our templates are:

  • Properly formatted according to service regulations
  • Quality controlled by accomplished military officers
  • Designed to get you the best possible result
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Top 3 Tips for a Letter of Reprimand Rebuttal

It seems like every day that a military member comes to us for help in needing a Letter of Reprimand Rebuttal. A LOR can have a huge impact on your career in the Air Force or the Army. It can affect your chances at promotion, your future assignments, and even whether you can reenlist or […]

Top 3 Tips for a GOMOR Rebuttal

At Military Justice Guides, we help Soldiers respond to a GOMOR rebuttal almost every single day. The General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand (GOMOR) is often referred to as the Army's "dirty little secret" or an Army "career killer." These names are common for two reasons. First, a GOMOR can be issued for anything, from minor […]

4 Tips to Rebut an Air Force Letter of Counseling

An Air Force Letter of Counseling, or "LOC," is the lowest level of administrative punishment for Airmen. Although a LOC may not be the worst punishment possible, it can still have a large impact on your Air Force career. A LOC can affect your performance report, ability to promote, and opportunities for advancement. At Military […]

The Types and Impacts of an Air Force Discharge

You signed up to serve, but now your command is trying to discharge you. You have a lot on the line. The benefits you earned, from the G.I. Bill to disability compensation, may all depend on the type of Air Force discharge you receive. At Military Justice Guides, we have helped countless clients deal with […]

3 Tips for Responding to a Referral OPR

If you are an officer in the Air Force or the Space Force, you know what happens every year around the same time -- your command writes an evaluation of your performance, known as an Officer Performance Report (OPR). However, when you receive a negative rating or comment in your OPR, it is called a […]

Military Justice Guides

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